The messaging API for your realtime web and mobile apps provides your business with APIs to build scalable realtime web and mobile apps.

Do you need to scale your own realtime solution for your next outstanding HTML5 game, open data visualization, news ticker or social collaborations tool? Give us a try and your web and mobile apps learn to speak realtime within seconds!

How It Works


    <script src=""></script>
      var connection = new tambur.Connection("API_KEY", "APP_ID");
      var stream = connection.get_stream("my_stream");
      stream.onmessage = function(msg){
          /* do some fancy things with your msg */


require 'ruby-tambur'
tambur ='API_KEY', 'APP_ID', 'SECRET')
tambur.publish('mystream', 'some message')
from tambur import Tambur
tambur = Tambur(api_key='API_KEY', app_id='APP_ID', secret='SECRET')
tambur.publish('mystream', 'some message')
require_once 'tambur.php';
$tambur = new TamburClient('API_KEY', 'APP_ID', 'SECRET');
$tambur->publish('mystream', 'some message');
import io.tambur.*;
Tambur tambur = new Tambur("API_KEY", "APP_ID", "SECRET");
tambur.publish("mystream", "some message");
Tambur = tambur_client:new("API_KEY", "APP_ID", "SECRET"),
Tambur:publish("mystream", "some message").

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Build websites that react to events triggered by your web application in realtime. You can publish your data in realtime to your subscribers with just a few lines of code.


Build websites that make use of online visitors' presence information. You can react to presence events triggered whenever a user comes online or gets disconnected.

Direct Messaging

Build websites that allow visitors to connect. Your online visitors can send and receive messages to each other in realtime.

Developer API

We provide libraries in Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Erlang, and Java that wrap our HTTP REST API for publishing data to your subscribers. All of our libraries are open source software and hosted on GitHub.

SSL Encryption

Use SSL to connect to our HTTP API endpoints and Messaging servers if you like, we won't charge you extra for that.

Push Technology

We try our best to discover if the browser supports HTML5 WebSockets. If it doesn't we switch to an alternative transport.


Realtime analytics of your Apps and Streams. Aggregated counters per minute, per hour, per day, and per month

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